React Sydney - React For Game Development

React Sydney is a meet up held every month by a group of really passionate JavaScript developers here in Sydney.

This month, I was lucky enough to be able to give a talk about creating games with JavaScript and React to an audience made up of predominantly web developers and it was a great experience. I tried to impart all the stuff I've learned about building games with these tools, the challenges I've faced and even demoed a bit of Project GoldScript. The response was really positive overall which was super cool. 

My wife came along and provided moral and iPhone video support so I've uploaded what we got to YouTube. It's not the best quality but I think it's decent enough to share, you can find the slides here. Might invest in a GoPro and a tripod if I end up doing more of these. Many thanks to Jess Telford for the photo. 

In engine related news, I've finally finished the Encounter Designer tool which has taken a huge amount of time and effort, particularly on the React side of things as the data for this tool is quite complex. I should have a new post up soon, so watch this space!