Google Analytics

This website makes use of Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks data about our visitors. Here’s a brief overview of what it records:

  • How you got here (did you click a link? use a search engine? just enter the URL?)
  • What country you are visiting from
  • How long you stay
  • What pages you view
  • What kind of computer / browser / operating system you are on

We use this data to improve our website and to keep track of issues that may arise from different user configurations. We do not sell or divulge any information collected through Google Analytics on this website.

Email Addresses

While we request your email address if you use the form on our contact page, we do not record these addresses in any kind of database. These addresses are used to reply to your enquiry. We will not add you to any kind of mailing list or divulge your email address to another party, this information is kept completely private. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy while viewing this website please contact us