Project GoldScript is a game development project composed of two parts.

  1. A game logic and rendering engine called the GoldScript Engine
  2. An original RPG which will be made using this engine

Work is currently focused on the engine, specifically combat. However a small percentage of the game's story and lore has also been completed.

The Engine

The origins of the engine's name come from both the classic Goldbox series of Dungeons & Dragons computer role playing games by SSI, and the language the engine is written in - JavaScript. The engine seeks to update the Goldbox formula to a modern, yet faithfully old school context.

One of the upgrades we are focused on implementing is combat similar to that of Final Fantasy Tactics by SQUARE ENIX. While Final Fantasy Tactics had amazing turn based combat, not far removed from what can be found in the Goldbox games, it lacked the dialogue options that traditional D&D games and even some of its Japanese strategy RPG brethren included. It also had little to no exploration, which was a crucial element to the appeal of SSI's series as well as other classic games such as Wizardry or Dungeon Master.

The roadmap for modes included in the engine currently includes;

  1. Combat
  2. Dialogue
  3. Exploration

As mentioned, development is currently focused almost entirely on combat, although basic prototypes for the other modes have already been created.

The Game

The Setting

The Game takes place in a post apocalyptic fantasy world where humans who once dominated the planet have been forced underground due to The Ruin – a calamity which occurred centuries ago.

Having lost their culture, history and much of their population they begin anew in an inhospitable, dangerous and foreign place inhabited by a strange race of intelligent beings as well as all manner of beasts and deadly creatures.

Yet despite these harsh conditions, humans have survived. They have done well to forget the horrors of history and the menace that ultimately forced them to flee their homes.

But they can only run from their past for so long.

Recent events have made The Council anxious, hostilities with native scouting parties have increased, and there are rumours that the single water source that sustains the settlement has begun to dry up.

The player will be called upon to investigate these matters and in doing so will be unknowingly thrust on a path to learn the true reason behind The Ruin, and of powerful forces both ancient and alien now vying for dominance over the planet which they once called home.

The System

The system for the game is being developed in-house and will feature the following

  • Large array of stats and attributes
  • Full party creation
  • Party reputation
  • Spells, miracles and talents unique to each of the (currently) 6 character classes
  • Meaningful choices and consequences that will potentially block paths off to the player entirely, encouraging multiple play-throughs
  • A deep, engaging storyline that does not shy away from dark subject matter


Rohan Deshpande - Main dude, I code the JavaScriptz, write the stories and make the muzak.

Manthrax - God level graphics guru who thinks JavaScript will save us all. Selfless and helpful at all times!

Okonomiyaki3000 - American Ninja, awesome dev and master of sarcasm. Helps when he can. Ask him about Littlefinger.

Sachi Coxon - Full time husband in trouble and English to Japanese localiser. Still cannot believe that White Ken exists.